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Dutch students want to go abroad, but do not
17 april 2008 - Dutch students like doing their internships abroad, but in practice few really do so. This appears from the national student survey 2008. The survey was carried out among 2,257 mbo (upper secondary vocational education), hbo (higher professional education) en wo (university education) students. Two percent of those did internships abroad in 2007.

Dr. Karen Ali, head of the Education and Student Service Center, informs us that 299 students from the TU/e went abroad in the calendar year 2007 for their studies. The exact portion of them that have done internships is alleged to be difficult to distill. It is not always clear whether it concerns a project or a study at a foreign university.

The survey also shows that 62 percent of the students aspire for a learning period abroad. Students indicate that the main reason for an international internship is the opportunity to develop as a person. According to twelve percent an internship abroad looks good on a CV. Reasons for staying in the Netherlands are widely different. Thirteen percent of the students is strongly attached to their own environment. Others (four percent) find foreign internships too expensive or too much of a hassle (three percent). The largest group (eighteen percent) indicate that they are not sure whether an internship abroad is something they would like./.