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Dutch Design Week
8 oktober 2009 - For nine long days Eindhoven will be bubbling with design activities again this autumn. From 17 thru 25 October the Dutch Design Week (DDW) will for the eighth time form the podium for young and established designers. No less than 263 events at sixty locations will be organized to show the public –about 80,000 visitors in 2008- designs of all kinds and sizes. Below we give you a preview of the activities taking place on the TU/e campus.

Always wanted to get going with a vinyl cutter, a 3D printer or an embroidering machine? Your opportunity will arise during the workshops of the designLAB, a program of student association Lucid (Industrial Design) and Studium Generale. During the DDW the Gaslab will change into a unique design studio, where you may be inspired at night by the work and the stories of designers, artists and scientists and during the daytime you can design your own creations during workshops. For the complete program and registration:

During the Dutch Design Week there will be four exhibitions in Vertigo. Apart from photos of walking tours through Paris and work from the European Ceramic Work Center, you can admire the best graduation projects of the Department of Architecture, Building and Planning as well as a survey of the work by Martien Jansen. Buildings and projects by this TU/e alumnus can be seen in the form of scale-models and photos.

In the TU/e grounds two artists’ studios have been established. The Meulensteen Art Centre accommodates graphic studio Daglicht and the Arubahal houses foundry Beeldenstorm. During the DDW you can use the facilities in both studios at a discount rate. There is an exhibition of products made at Daglicht and there is the workshop Working Matters for design engineers, stylists and students who want to get acquainted with Daglicht.
In the Arubahal you will find the equipment of Beeldenstorm, a foundry or 3D studio, as artist Lex van Lith prefers to call it. “Six months ago we invited fifteen ex-students of the Design Academy to work here on the theme Copy Nature. The goal is to find surprising reproduction methods that can change the meaning of the original and add a new value to it .” During the DDW there will be an exhibition showing this process by means of photos, semi-finished products and finished products. (NS)/.