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Qonita Shahab (30) from Indonesia,
a PhD student of Industrial Design

When taken?
Last year I was on my way to Ikea by bike and saw this big pond (or small lake) next to the street Rode Kruislaan: Henry Dunant Park. It caught my attention right away, as I love autumn sceneries and sceneries with water animals. So I came back to that spot with my camera. It was taken on 19 October 2008 around 6 p.m.

What do we see?
Here we see leafy trees with different colors, the typical sights of autumn. The reflection from the lake adds to the beauty of the scenery. The two black spots are flying birds.

Why this picture?
When I came to Eindhoven, I found the autumn too cold and not so beautiful. So, finding this park is a relief to enjoy autumn scenery without leaving the city. For autumn scenery outside Eindhoven, I found the hilly Wageningen Arboretum beautiful. I am also planning to go to De Hoge Veluwe National Park.