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International arts festival PlazaPlus
17 december 2009 - An eerie audiovisual piano concert, dancers in a dialogue with their own digital representation and being chatted up via a ‘sjansmachine’: it is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect at the PlazaPlus festival, which will take place at the Eindhoven Plaza Futura theater on January 14, 15 and 16. The curators have put together a highly varied, international program including experimental video and animation art, music, dance and combinations of these in various live performances.

‘Artist in Focus’ will be the 31-year-old British Sophie Clements. Possibly the biggest role in her videos and visual installations is reserved for sound, rhythm in particular. By means of two bicycles she manages to come up with the sound of a whole samba band. On Thursday January 14 she will be present herself in Plaza to elucidate her video installations in ‘Sophie’s Room’, the freely accessible exhibition of a number of her works. On Saturday she will give a live performance together with audio artist J. Peter Schwalm.

More about Sophie Clements and all other acts on Theater Plaza Futura is located at Leenderweg in Eindhoven. (SK)