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jaargang 43, 11 januari 2001

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TU/e and Corporations Announce Substantial New Student Housing
TU/e and housing corporations HHvL and Vestide promised a substantial increase in student housing on separate occasions this week. The plans include some 900 new housing units for students in Eindhoven, expansion of Fellowtel and some kind of guest house or hotel for foreign guests on or near TU/e campus.

In his New Years speech, chairman of the Executive Board Henk de Wilt said he wanted to encourage student exchange with foreign universities and attract foreign staff. The realisation of a guest house and expansion of Fellowtel are part of this policy. Last year, Harry Roumen (secretary of the Executive Board) told Cursor TU/e was talking to city authorities about the necessary permits for building a guest house on campus.
Housing Corporations HHvL and Vestide announced their intent to co-operate closely on student housing in future. They signed an agreement detailing this at the beginning of the week. HHvL owns 12,000 houses and apartments, Vestide owns 1500 student housing units.
HHvL says it needs Vestide's expertise on the 'younger' segment of the housing market and intends to outsource administration of student/youth housing units to Vestide in time. HHvL is planning to build some 800 to 900 new units specially for students and young people in new urban development areas in the coming years.
Vestide called the deal a "win-win situation". The smaller housing corporation should be able to realise ambitious ideas such as guaranteeing housing to foreign staff and students in the next academic year with the help of HHvL. Vestide is planning a call centre (for complaints) and special student counter. Vestide will also be able to profit from joint maintenance contracts with HHvL in future.

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TU/e in 2000
More Co-operation with Singapore
Internationalisation is an important part of TU/e's present and future. In 2000, the policy resulted in specific agreements with the National University of Singapore. A delegation from NUS visited TU/e on Friday June 16 to sign a deal for a special program to grant 'double doctorates'. Researchers working on their doctorate at TU/e in a technological subject will also be offered the possibility of a doctorate from NUS. This will also work in the same way for Ph.D. students in Singapore. The two universities have agreed to a joint research program in three fields. Ph.D. students will be supervised by teaching staff and professors from both institutes. A number of TU/e researchers now expect to receive their doctorates in 2002 in both Eindhoven and Singapore.
TU/e and NUS have been working together for years. In 1997 they signed a 'memorandum of understanding'in which both universities pledged more co-operation in the areas of research and education.

Bronze and Silver Sports Year at TU/e
The year 2000 was a good year for sports at TU/e, with a silver and bronze medal and two medals of honour from TU/e for two students. Various members of the student population and staff participated in the Sydney Olympic Games and Joost de Hoogh took part in the Sydney Paralympics. De Hoogh won bronze for his 400-meter free style race. Rower Dirk Lippits won a silver medal. This Thetan was the very first student at TU/e to win a medal at the Olympic Games. TU/e rewarded this with a TU/e medal of honour, which is normally only awarded to retiring department heads who have been especially important to TU/e. After that swimmer Joost de Hoogh, the first person at TU/e to win a medal at the Paralympics, was also honoured with the special award. However, vice-chancellor Martin Rem made sure to warn that this will not become a tradition.
TU/ers who took part in the Olympics but failed to win any events were: swimmer Joris Keizer, rowers Jeroen Spaans, Joeri de Groot, Karel Dormans, Gerard Egelmeers, coach Margot van Gastel and volleyball coach Wim Koch.

Entrepreneurial Research
Are they entrepreneurial researchers or researching entrepreneurs? Whatever the case, the department of Biomedical Technology's Development Unit wants to help them with their commercial aspirations. It's not clear how all this will develop, but plans have been made. BMT's Development Unit is going to make sure promising researchers get the chance to realise their commercial ideas. No longer will researchers work only on prototypes, they will develop products that society needs. The idea is to show the world at large that something very important and interesting is going on at BMT. And this will surely mean more money for research. At the moment, two researchers at TU/e are developing real products. In a few years they should be able to start their own companies. One of them specialising in synthetic heart valves, the other marketing a software program that gives cardiologists more information about when a bypass operation is necessary. But this is only a beginning, more promising researchers are being sought by the Development Unit.

Construction on Campus
Slowly but surely, TU/e is starting to look more and more like a construction site. The housing 'Masterplan' is in full swing. There is hardly a building on campus that will escape renovation. The base of the main building was completed at the end of 2000 and is now inhabited by student organisation STU, a hairdresser, Euflex and others. De Wielen (one of the entry roads to campus) is being widened on the Kennedylaan side so that it can become the main entrance to TU/e. A fourth entry point to TU/e has been created near the new TNO building.
The tender for the exterior of the architecture department was unsuccessful and the work has therefore been delayed. The construction of a pool at the Student Sports Centre began. The plan was to disinfect the swimming pool water with hydrogen peroxide, however this idea was scrapped after the substance is labelled 'possibly carcinogenic'. TU/e will have to stick to the usual chlorine products for the pool. The pool will be opened officially on May 10 2001, by Joost de Hoogh, Joris Keizer (two TU/e swimmers) and others.

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