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    Common room in Bunker open today
    “A place where everyone can feel at home”
    21 oktober 2010 - It is more than a year ago now that the first ideas for a TU/e common room bubbled up. Today, Thursday October 21, the doors will be opened: a team of fifteen volunteers is ready to turn the common room in the Bunker into a place “where everyone can feel at home.”

    Indre Kalinauskaite, a Master student of Human Information Technology, is closely involved with the organization around the common room. She is quite pleased with the large group of volunteers that are ready to turn the place into a success. “Master students are often very much occupied by their studies, so it is difficult to find volunteers. Still, now we have fifteen of them who all want to contribute their share in their own way.”

    The purpose of the common room has not been laid down in very strict terms: “We find it important first and foremost that it is a place where students feel at home, and where there is room for personal initiatives. Everybody is free to organize something, like renting rooms to give a workshop or a lecture. The common room makes it possible for all students to show something about themselves.”

    Although the doors are opened even this Thursday, the official opening will take place on November 9. The photo contest ‘meet my culture’ forms part of it. Until October 25 you can still send in your photo. More information about the contest and about the common room can be found on the Facebook page: TU/e common room. (HB)