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    What's happening?

    Museum weekend

    This weekend will see the thirtieth edition of the Museum weekend, which will have the central theme of ‘treats’. The doors of the Van Abbemuseum will also be opened and special activities will be organized this weekend, such as the Children’s art club, tours and a book market. Admission to the museum is free, as are all activities during the Museum weekend. In addition to the Abbemuseum there are more museums involved in this weekend. For an overview you can check out:
    Van Abbemuseum, Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 3, from 11.00 o’clock, admission free.

    Musicians’ day

    How do you write a hit? How do you become famous abroad? How do you win a contract or rake in a performance? These as well as other questions will be answered during the Musicians’ day. You can have your demo listened to and assessed by professionals in a one-on-one setting.
    De Effenaar, Saturday April 2, from 11.00 o’clock, admission 10 euro.,

    Winners Tromp Contest 2010

    Finalists of Tromp Percussion Eindhoven 2010 will play an arrangement of Steve Reichs Electric Counterpoint by Emmanuel Séjourné.
    Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, Sunday April 3, 15.30 hours