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    Nice spots in Eindhoven | Part 4
    26 mei 2011 - In the final episode of this theme about ‘nice spots’ we went looking for nice spots for a day or weekend off. Where do the Dutch go in summer, when they are not on holiday?
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    Karin Kompatscher from the Department of Architecture, Building and Planning draws our attention to “Via this website you find farms that offer a place to sleep in a completely furnished tent at the farm. You are surrounded by genuine country life, where everything is furnished in the old style.” In the tents of boerenbed you find things like a box bed and a cooking stove. On the site there is a wood-fired bread oven, a chicken coop where you can collect your free eggs and an animal pasture.

    Jolanda Spijkerman, a student of BMT, mentions the Waddeneilanden (West Frisian islands) and the Oerol festival. “The islands are really foreign in the Netherlands, they are so entirely different! In June Terschelling hosts the annual Oerol festival featuring theater, music and dance.” Would you like to make a boat trip and have you been to Amsterdam already? In that case a trip along the Binnendieze of Den Bosch is really a must.

    In Eindhoven, too, you can really have a good time in summer, for instance at a Cruijff Court. Pieter Doevendans, a student of Architecture, Building and Planning, often plays football here with friends. “They are lawns with artificial grass which really allow you to play football well. They can be found at several locations scattered through Eindhoven, among others in the neighborhood of the PSV Stadium.”

    Cruijff courts are a modern-day version of the football pitches you once used to be able to find in many neighborhoods and quarters, but which over the years have been sacrificed to urbanization and expansion.

    And do you fancy a weekend off outside the Netherlands? Joeri Sowka and Daniek Reijnders, both students of Architecture, Building and Planning, recommend going to Bruges. “We have just come back, and it is an authentic little city. It is crawling with tourists, but there’s a good reason for that!” (HB)