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    What's happening?

    Music on the river Dommel

    The Van Abbemuseum will form the backdrop for a large floating podium on the river Dommel on which choirs and orchestras from Eindhoven and surroundings will perform. Student music association Quadrivium is also responsible for the organization.
    De Dommel behind the Van Abbemuseum, Saturday June 4, 13.00 - 22.00 hours, free admission.

    Little Birdie

    Singer/songwriter Orit Shimoni from Quebec, Canada, calls himself ‘little birdie’ and plays folk, blues and country music.
    Kaffee de Groot, Sunday May 29, starting 17.00 hours, free admission.

    So What Festival

    The ‘So What’ Festival is a new dance festival which brings Techno, House and Electro, on four outdoor stages.
    De IJzeren Man, opposite the TU/e campus, Saturday May 28, starting 13.00 hours, free admission, afterparty 5 euro.