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    TU/e in 2020 | Part 3
    24 maart 2011 - In the Strategic Plan 2020 TU/e is announcing ambitious intentions for its research and education and for the transformation of the campus. In part 3 of this theme: the ambitions in the field of education.

    University College Eindhoven
    As an alternative to the existing discipline-bound Bachelor programs, TU/e will start a broad, intensive Bachelor program in Liberal Engineering Sciences, accessible only to selected students. Students who follow this program focus on social and economic challenges and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Their societal interest constitutes a desirable addition to the traditionally trained engineers, who distinguish themselves especially through their profound knowledge of one discipline. The students of the University College follow subjects in various engineering disciplines. In addition, they study subjects that will help them approach technology within a societal context. Every year the University College will supply about 150 excellent graduates, thereby providing a substantial influx into a number of Master programs, as envisaged by the TU/e Executive Board.

    Societal themes
    Apart from the new, broad Bachelor program of the University College, TU/e will in the years to come also invest in strengthening the market position of its discipline-bound specialist Bachelor programs. Within these programs, students will be given more options, while a broader range of students will be addressed. This objective will be attained by offering study routes in the programs that are focused on recognizable societal themes such as energy, health, mobility, sustainability, well-being and communication via new media.

    Honors programs
    Furthermore, the university will continue to offer honors programs for students looking for extra challenges, as well as minor programs providing more depth and breadth. Besides purely technological minors one may think of minors in life and social sciences addressing the context of technology, such as psychology and technology, business economics for engineers and technology and law.

    Graduate programs
    Within the Strategic Plan the Master programs, the Design Engineer’s programs and the education offered to PhD candidates will be bundled into English-language discipline-bound graduate programs. The graduate programs will be grouped in a Graduate School, while a variety of courses will be offered for each graduate program. The Master programs will feature different study tracks, which may, for instance, focus on the traditional engineer’s practice, starting an enterprise, following a design engineer’s program or doing a doctorate project.


    Target numbers education for 2020:

    + 50% Number of Bachelor and Master students
    > 35% Share of female Bachelor and Master students
    > 20% Share of foreign Bachelor students
    > 35% Share of foreign Master students
    > 90% Share of Dutch students doing a traineeship abroad
    > 10% Share of graduates following an honors program/track
    + 50% Number of graduates MSc
    + 50% Number of graduates of design engineer’s programs (PDEng) (HB)