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    Four questions for….
    24 maart 2011 - Inge Adriaans
    Inge Adriaans is a policy official with the International Office of the Student Service Center. In addition to shaping policy, Inge is working on a number of projects, such as the Common Room and the introductory weeks for international students.

    Inge Adriaans. Photo | Bart van Overbeeke

    What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
    “I have been given so much good advice that has really served me well. Still, there is one piece that is quite appropriate in my life at present. ‘Live each day as if it were your last.’ It is essential to enjoy things now, to do now what you find important. Don’t put it off, don’t be scared by problems that may occur, just do it!”

    What is your favorite spot?
    “At home really. That’s where I find the people I love. When I come home after a day’s hard work, I close the door behind me and that feels great. Like a snug warm coat.”

    In whose shoes would you like to be?
    “When I consider who I admire or what else I should like to do, there are many names occurring to me. Generally speaking, I should like to be in the shoes of leaders. Political leaders, but also the leaders within TU/e for instance. Especially in these turbulent times I often wonder what moves people to make certain choices. Think of the crisis, the cutbacks and the protests around the measures against extended studying.”

    Who at TU/e deserves a pat on the back and why?
    “The group of international students managing the Common Room. Purely on a voluntary basis. Their enthusiasm gives me a lot of positive energy. They organize fun and special activities, which has a strong effect: the number of members of the Facebook page is growing by the day. It is fantastic that it is such a big success.” (HB)