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    Four questions for….
    26 mei 2011 - Anne Diepenbrock has been a trainee at T!NT since September 2010 and has recently taken over the activities from Marion de Groot as a student assistant.
    Anne Diepenbrock. Photo | Bart van Overbeeke

    1. What is the best advice anyone has ever given to you? “Let go! Just take things the way they come, instead of trying to control this. I am usually inclined to prepare thoroughly for future situations. Such as holidays. When I surrender myself and go places without preparation, though, as was the case with my latest holiday to Morocco, this leaves room for the fun unexpected situations that I truly enjoy.”

    2. What is your favorite spot?“The park is a very fine spot for me. To experience a moment of tranquility, to enjoy nature. Just an afternoon off and lie down in the park. Alone or with friends, lovely!”

    3. In whose shoes would you like to be and why?“In my friend Fenna’s. She has recently changed her life dramatically and is now living in a traditional jurt (Mongolian) tent in the woods. She has consciously decided on a basic lifestyle. No materialism, no computer and no social obligations. She lives off her own vegetable garden, heats her tent with a fire and wakes up when the cock crows. I should rather like to experience that kind of lifestyle personally.”

    4. Who at TU/e deserves a pat on the back?“Elisabeth Fricker and Marie Jantien Kreeft I should like to pat on the back. They are personal life coaches at T!NT and have coached me over the past year, giving me space for my own development and ideas. As a result, I have learned a great deal about my ambitions for the future, my qualities as well as my traps. They couldn’t have done a better job!” (HB)