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    What's happening?

    Brainport International Barbecue

    On Thursday June 23 Brainport is organizing a barbecue for the international community of Eindhoven. This is the second time for Brainport to organize such an event. November last year there was an international weekend that included a party in Dynamo, which attracted some 500 visitors.

    The event on Thursday June 23 will be attended by Mayor Rob van Gijzel, who will deliver a welcoming speech. The full program is shown below. The barbecue and drinks will be paid for by Brainport until 22.00 hours.

    17.00 Arrival and networking drinks
    18.00 Welcome by Yvonne van Hest, program manager BIC
    18.05 The International Community by Madhi Triki, Senior Scientist at Philips Research
    18.15 Keynotes by Mr. Rob van Gijzel, Mayor of Eindhoven and Chairman of the
    Brainport Foundation
    18.45 Networking drinks
    19.15 Barbecue and International Quiz
    21.00 Awards International Quiz
    22.00 Afterparty
    00.30 End

    Beach Club Sunrise, Ekkersweijer 3, Best

    What is Brainport?
    Brainport Development works on enhancing the top technology Brainport region. It is a pillar of the Dutch economy with the spearhead sectors High Tech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, Lifetec and Design. Brainport Development stimulates and develops regional and (inter)national projects and programs, promotes the Brainport region at home and abroad and facilitates the regional business community inter alia through corporate advice and financing, starters' facilities, industrial accommodation and commercial centers.

    CD presentation Ape Not Mice

    Ape Not Mice arose after the discovery of front woman Diede Claesen on YouTube. This collective writes jazzy songs with a twist. The album 'Every Stain Tells a Story' is full of humorous texts.
    Effenaar, Thursday June 16 , 20.30 hours, admission charge 5 euro

    Chamber music in green

    Scattered throughout the park there are podiums on which chamber music is presented by soloists, small ensembles, young talents and celebrities from the region and the country.
    Stadswandelpark Eindhoven, Sunday June 19, 13.00 – 18.00 hours, admission free

    Naked Song festival

    Naked Song is a singer-songwriter event which this year includes Joan as Police Woman, Villagers, Fink and Danny Schmidt. Apart from artists with bigger names there are some festival discoveries as well. Harry Manx for example. He plays the Mohan Veena, a twenty-string Indian slide-guitar.
    Muziekcentrum Eindhoven, Saturday June 18, as of 16.00 hours, admission charge 35 euro