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Presentation Doctoral Awards at TU/e
17 juni 2010 - On Thursday 10th June ir. Jos Reijnders from the Mechanical Engineering Department was presented with the Perspective Award by TU/e during the presentation of the Doctoral Awards. The researcher received a decoration and an amount of EUR 5000 for his design of a porous fuel injector that considerably reduces the soot emissions of diesel engines.
From left to right: Jos Reijnders, Danny Holten, Francisco Zaragoza Martin, Timo Overboom. Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Other Doctoral Awards were presented for the best research carried out in 2009 by graduating students, designers and PhDs of the university. The jury selected three prize winners from 23 nominees. The winners are ir. Timo Overboom (best engineer), ir. Francisco Zaragoza Martin (best designer) and dr. ir. Danny Holten (best doctor).

Of the three projects that were nominated the project of Reijnders held the greatest perspective for mankind and society, according to the jury.

The porous fuel injector developed by Reijnders counts some one thousand holes, which results in an optimum mix of fuel and oxygen in a cylinder. This leads to much better combustion, reducing the number of soot particles generated. The application will make expensive soot filters for diesel engines superfluous. Reijnders is working further on this project at TU/e for Progression-Industry, a young start-up of TU/e. The industry has a keen interest in this design. “We hope that this will solve the environmental problem of soot emissions by diesel engines within five years”, says the winner of the Perspective Award.

Graduation Award
The Graduation Award of EUR 2,500 is going to ir. Timo Overboom from the Electrical Engineering Department. Overboom developed a rotating system for robots in production lines. This involves a module with a rotating as well as a linear movement (‘two degrees of freedom’) for the placement of electronic components onto printed circuit boards. He has also conducted experiments by means of a prototype. Overboom is now working on his doctoral research at the same TU/e Department in the area of electromagnetic suspension of so-called ceiling robots.

Design Award
The award for the best design project (EUR 5,000) is going to ir. Francisco Zaragoza Martin PDEng. He designed a membrane reactor for a power station which reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. The winner of the Design Award carried out his research in collaboration with Energy Research Center Netherlands (ECN) within the Process and Product Design program.

Dissertation Award
The Dissertation Award of EUR 5,000 has been won by dr. ir. Danny Holten (Department of Mathematics & Computer Science) for his dissertation entitled ‘Visualization of graphs and trees for software analysis’. The purpose of his research is to enable people to grasp the huge quantities of information that are relevant to understanding software. This is done by means of visual representations. (CvK/FvO)/.