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Watch out: carnival
19 februari 2009 - For anyone wishing to take part in the carnival in Eindhoven (a.k.a. Lampegat during the carnival) or who want to avoid it: here are the places where you must or should not be from Saturday February 21 to Wednesday February 25.

Carnival procession
This year adults will join children in the Lampegat carnival procession on Saturday February 21. The children will walk in front and stop halfway through in Catharinaplein. They will start at the Effenaar at a quarter to 1 and will walk via Dommelstraat to Stationsplein. Here they will continue their route together with the adults via Fuutlaan, Parklaan, Dommelstraat, Vestdijk, Ten Haeghestraat and Catharinaplein where they are expected to arrive at half past one. The adult procession will continue via Begijnhof, Oude Stadsgracht, Vestdijk, Korte Geldropseweg, Bilderdijklaan and end at Wal.

Brass band festival
Performances by carnival bands will take place in Marktplein as of 15.00 hours on Sunday February 22.

For something completely different: Maastricht
So you want to celebrate carnival, but outside Eindhoven? Then go to Maastricht. It’s a short trip by train. Celebrate carnival in the street and swing along with the carnival bands while admiring the costumes, which have taken a year’s work at least. The procession through the center of Maastricht is scheduled for Sunday February 22 as of 1 pm. And on Tuesday afternoon February 24 the ‘Zate Hermeniekes’, the carnival bands, will compete in Vrijthof, in the city center of Maastricht. Make sure you bring along something that you can use to make music of some sort./.


No Cursor during carnival

In the carnival week there will be no Cursor on Thursday February 26. Cursor 22 will appear on Thursday March 5. The editors would like to wish everybody enjoyable carnival holidays.