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TU/e and municipality continue support of white bikes
14 januari 2009 - For the next two years TU/e and the municipality of Eindhoven will continue their support of the purchase of cheap white bikes for students.
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

For 2010 and 2011 a new batch of 368 TU/e students will be able to take advantage of the arrangement allowing them to purchase a conspicuous white Batavus bicycle at a bargain price. Both TU/e and the municipality will for that period contribute a maximum of fifty thousand euros. Through their support they wish to contribute to the image of ‘Eindhoven student city’.

Students wishing to buy such a bike must be registered as inhabitants of the city. The white bikes are bought by the students themselves, who pay 135 euros. TU/e and the municipality will each contribute an equivalent amount. It is remarkable that the bike is particularly popular among foreign students. (FvO)/.