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TU/e hopes that municipality will tolerate space boxes
14 januari 2009 - TU/e is relying on the municipality to tolerate the 84 space boxes near the parking lot at Potentiaal after 28 February, university secretary ir. Harry Roumen informs us. Indeed: the exemption permit will expire on 1 March. Should the municipality decide not to extend the permit, Roumen thinks that a period of months will be required to find a suitable solution for the present occupants.
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Hannie de Groot, spokeswoman for housing foundation Vestide, the operator of the space boxes, has told us that at present there are still sixty occupants in the 84 temporary housing units that were realized along the banks of the river Dommel in 2005. Should Vestide be forced to remove the space boxes, a proper discussion will take place with the inhabitants. De Groot: “We will then take stock of their housing wishes and see how we can accommodate them.” The majority of inhabitants are foreign students and PhD candidates, the so-called short-stayers. There are only six Dutch students using the space boxes.

University secretary Harry Roumen expects that there will not be a move. “We have strong faith in the municipality tolerating the space boxes after February. On Wednesday 6 January TU/e administrators and Vestide discussed the matter together and we are also consulting with the municipality. By mid-January we shall explain the situation to the occupants. It would be in nobody’s interest to remove the space boxes now. In the Eindhoven municipal council meeting the PvdA party has also asked questions in writing to the Municipal Executive.” Roumen and Vestide hope that the space boxes can stay where they are until permanent housing has been realized in the TU/e grounds. “Therefore the zoning plan for our grounds should include a residential function”, Roumen explains.

If the municipality should decide to stop tolerating the present situation, ample time will be taken to re-accommodate the inhabitants properly, says Roumen. Vestide spokeswoman De Groot does not anticipate any problems to realize that. (HK)/.