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This week ‘s photographer: Angela Maria d’Esposito (23) from Italy, an Erasmus student in the Master program of Biomedical Engineering

When taken?
On Sunday January 3rd.

What do we see?
It’s a Christmas tree and empty firework boxes lying with the garbage. I spent Christmas in Italy, but I came back for New Year’s Eve. I took a lot of pictures of old Christmas trees those days. When I took this one I was in Amsterdam for a day to visit an exhibition at the Foam, the photo museum. It was an exhibition of Rodchenko, a Russian photographer from the beginning of the 20th century.

Why taken?
Because I think it’s sad. Christmas is important to me. Happy people, gifts, and in Italy we always have a big lunch and a big dinner, it’s a good time. But after the holidays, what remains is fireworks trash and dead trees thrown outside on the street. It makes me so sad. That’s why in my family we always use a plastic tree.