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Master Intro 2007

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

6 september 2007 - The new international Master students were welcomed with a one-week introduction to the TU/e, the city of Eindhoven, and the Dutch language and Dutch culture. The annual Master Intro included an intercultural communication workshop, a city walk, a pub-crawl, a sports night at the TU/e sports center, and a visit to a real Dutch cheese farm. The newcomers also received information about such practical matters as enrollment, application for a residence permit, finding housing, and opening a bank account. One whole day was devoted to a department introduction. At the department of Mathematics and Computer Science the new students visited a clog museum, a pancake restaurant, and explored the area around Best on a four-wheel bike. The Master Intro was concluded on Friday 24 August with a group dinner at Van Putten.

Photo: Rien Meulman