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In short

Open Office
Do you have any questions, problems or complaints about your housing? Please come to the Open Office to talk to the TU/e accommodation officer and a representative of Vestide. The next Open Office will be held on Thursday 6 September at 15.30 hours at the Education and Student Service Center (located in the main building).

EU working on ‘blue card’ knowledge migrants
European Commissioner Franco Frattini (Justice) is working on an EU work permit for highly educated persons from outside the region, according to het Financieele Dagblad. Allegedly the validity period of the permit would be five years. Knowledge migrants from outside the Union can move between Member States more easily during that period. According to the plan presented by Frattini, knowledge workers could after two years in one EU country start working in another EU country without any problems. After that they could move every year. The arrange-ment being prepared by the European Commission is quite similar to the one applicable to the American ‘green card’. Indeed, the EU work permit will probably be presented as a ‘blue card’, the color being a reference to the European flag. When the arrangement is presented -probably some time this autumn- it must become clear whether all sectors of the labor market will be opened for highly educated people from outside the EU, or only those sectors suffering from a shortage of such staff. (HOP)

Elections TU/e 2007
In 2007 elections will be held for the section of students for the University Council and the Department Councils. For the section of the staff members, elections will be held for the University Council, the Department Councils and the Services Council. These elections will take place by means of electronic voting. Electronic voting will take place on Wednesday 28 November and Thursday 29 November 2007. For further information:

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