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Favorite places
The Genneper Parken
15 november 2007 - During the coming winter dr. Yuko Kamikawa will have to adjust; the weather will prevent her from visiting her Favorite Place so frequently, namely the Genneper Parken in south Eindhoven.
Yuko Kamikawa in the Genneper Parken. Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

For dr. Yuko Kamikawa the first walk through the Genneper Parken was a small adventure: “At first, I wanted to see the water mill that is located in the park, but I couldn’t find it. Instead, I decided to walk around in nature alone, I encountered just a few people and then met lots of animals. I saw cows, horses and hens, different kinds of animals that normally should be in a farm. I also saw many different birds, ducks, and even a wild rabbit! I’ve never seen a wild rabbit before. For me, they are the beings we can see in a zoo or special park. I was surprised that I could enjoy wild nature so close to the city center!”
The Japanese member of the capacity group Macromolecular and Organic Chemistry from the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry has lived in Eindhoven for six months. The first time she visited the park was just after her arrival. She feels attracted to the park for various reasons: “It’s a relaxing place full of nature and lots of animals. Particularly, I love to meet wild rabbits and squirrels! I love to do some small exercise outside, like jogging, walking or cycling. From the Van Abbe museum, there’s a nice walking route to the park, and I often had a nice time there after work in this summer. I recommend Genneper Parken to other people because it’s a good place to feel comfortable and relaxed. Everybody can enjoy it, no matter if you come alone or with your partner or with your whole family.”
The only thing that Kamikawa thinks could hinder a visit is the Dutch weather: “You’ll soon notice how important the sunny days are here, I recommend people to spend time outside as often as they can.” When I arrived in May it was very hot. Unfortunately, after one week, I had to experience ‘normal Dutch weather’. My first week was a kind of a bless of sun.”/.

The Genneper Parken are located in south Eindhoven. From NS railway station Eindhoven there is a number 1 bus every fifteen minutes that takes you to the central point of the Genneper Parken at Anton Coolenlaan. The Genneper Parken have a lot to offer, such as walking routes, sports parks, subtropical swimming paradise the Tongelreep, the Historical Village and the ecological farm de Genneper Hoeve.